Muvizu 3D Tutorial 15: Directing: Advanced Dialogue

Watch this tricky video tutorial to learn how to animate advanced dialogue, using cue points and multiple passes, in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

This video tutorial explains how to direct a dialogue, or conversation, between more than one character in a Muvizu 3D animation.


Muvizu 3D Tutorial 14: Directing: Basic Dialogue, Music and Sound Effects

Watch this easy video tutorial to learn how to make basic dialogue, music and sound effects in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The video tutorial lesson also explains all aspects of Muvizu 3D and audio.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 13: Directing: Cue Points

Watch this easy video tutorial to learn how to use cue points in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

Cue points are a useful marker mechanism for the timeline in Muvizu 3D. You can use them to label or tag important events in your animation. This video tutorial explains the usage of cue points.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 12: Overview: Direct, Don’t Animate

Watch this easy video tutorial to learn the overview of how to direct, don’t animate using Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The Muvizu 3D animation approach is quite unique. This overview video will explain all. You should watch this before attempting to animate in Muvizu.

2 major concepts:
* Mood base animation system (especially for character animation)
* Animate in passes

You don’t have control of the character limbs like in traditional animation. Instead, you direct characters to be:
Happy –> Idle  Pose  Subtle  Strong
Fighting –> Idle  Attack  Dodge  Impact

Animating in passes:
Dialogue and Lips
Sound effects

Animation in Muvizu is quite often a 2 step process:

Prepare -> Direct -> Timeline -> Make video -> Upload

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 11: Characters: Painting Custom Skins

Watch this difficult video to learn how to paint and upload your own custom skin/texture to a Muvizu 3D character using Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The video tutorial is categorized as difficult because it uses concepts such as UV maps, texture layers and transparency.

The video lesson describes the process using freely available software such as free painting programs like GIMP,, and the website. Alternatively, you can use paid painting programs like Photoshop and Corel.

You should save the painted UV map for the 3D character as PNG file format to preserve the transparency channel.

You can download existing Muvizu 3D custom character textures from this URL:

Create a custom character texture

This video is similar in content to the above with a few minor errors.

It shows you how to give your character custom textures. The tutorial covers: background; getting a painting template; painting a texture in and uploading to a character. You can download the texture files here:

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 10: Characters: Creating Characters

Watch this easy video tutorial to learn how to make and customise new characters in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The video tutorial also explains how to save favorites of 3D characters.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 09: Building Sets: Cameras

Watch this easy video tutorial to learn how to create and edit cameras in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The video tutorial also explains in some detail camera properties and advanced in-lens effects, for example, depth-of-field and color overlays.

The current version of Muvizu 3D has a limit of up to four cameras in the scene. This is because cameras are very computationally intensive. Digimania is working to increase the limit beyond four cameras.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 08: Building Sets: Lights and Visual Effects

Watch this easy video tutorial to learn how to create and edit lights and visual effects in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The video tutorial also explains in some detail about Muvizu 3D improved lighting system such as custom shadows and dark lights.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 07: Building Sets: Words and Backdrops

Watch this easy video tutorial to learn how to create and edit words and backdrops in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The video tutorial also explains about grouping and ungrouping objects.

It illustrates how using layers of animated backdrops with different animation speeds can give the visual illusion that the foreground object, in this case a stationary police car, is driving forward. Just like the movies!

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 06: Building Sets: Importing 3D Models

Watch this difficult video to learn how to import 3D models into Muvizu 3D animation software package.

If you are familiar or expert with a 3D modelling application such as Autodesk 3ds Max or Maya, can get and install some ActorX plugins from Epic Games and have the patience to watch this Muvizu 3D tutorial lesson, then you can get your own 3D models into Muvizu 3D. Because Muvizu is based on Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games, the procedures for importing 3D models into Muvizu is similar to importing 3D objects into any Unreal Engine 3 game that allows access to the UnrealEd (Unreal Editor).

The video covers static mesh, textures, ID texture and AO texture (ambient occlusion).

Texture format can be TGA, PNG or JPEG. ID texture format must be TGA (alpha). AO texture format can be TGA, PNG or JPEG.

Muvizu 3D imports ASE format only although the Unreal Engine 3 allows many other 3D file formats. You can use ActorX plugin (from Epic Games) for Maya or 3ds Max to export an ASE scene object. There are similar ASE exporters for SoftImage and Google SketchUp.

The imported 3D model requires a low polygon collision mesh. The collison mesh name must be prefixed with UCX_<3d model name>.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 05: Building Sets: Objects

Watch this easy video on how to add, edit and save objects in Muvizu 3D animation software package.

The video shows you tips on how to duplicate, group and lock 3D objects. It also explains how to browse and download free 3D objects from the Muvizu online 3D asset library.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 04: Muvizu 3D User Interface

Watch this easy video for an overview of the Muvizu 3D user interface.

The video shows you a tour of the new Muvizu’s user interface. It shows the obvious as well as the cool new features and benefits of the new graphical user interface (GUI).

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 03: How to Install Muvizu

Watch this easy video for how to install Muvizu 3D.

The video shows you how to create a Muvizu account, where to find the Muvizu 3D animation software application, how to download Muvizu 3D FREE and run it for the first time.

There are 2 versions – a 32-bit software and a 64-bit program for Windows PC platform. You will need a decent PC to run the free 3D animation software package. If you have a Mac, you could use either Bootcamp or Parallels to execute Muvizu.

Click here to find out more about Muvizu 3D Download Free.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 02: Muvizu in a Nutshell

Watch this short video for a quick concise overview of Muvizu 3D animation in a nutshell.

This video shows you every stage in the animation process. It describes how to go from a blank virtual set to a complete published animation – but intentionally excludes the details. Watch the other tutorials for the detailed step-by-step instructions.

If you want to follow along the steps though, you will need to substitute and import your own dialogue audio because it is not provided in the Muvizu 3D download.

Muvizu 3D Tutorial 01: What’s New in Muvizu

Watch this short video to discover what is new in Muvizu 3D.

This is a fast tour of some of the new features in Muvizu 3D. It accompanies the release 0.18b dated 5 September 2011.

BTW, Digimania plans to release the next version before Christmas 2011. If you can’t wait for your free Christmas gift, then download this version now!

Muvizu 3D Animation: Thriller 3D Animation

Watch this short 3D animated video of Thriller music animation using Muvizu 3D.

Artist: Michael Jackson

You’ll be amazed that this is the first attempt at using Muvizu by these users.

One question though – how do they sing without opening their mouths? I want to do that too D=

Second question – how do they do the animated dancing moves? Are these pre-fabricated / canned animations already provided in Muvizu?

Third minor question – who is that Helga Muvizu 3D character in the background supposed to represent? Guess!

So start film making your music video now!

What Animations Can Muvizu 3D Create?

What animations can you create with Muvizu 3D animation software program?

That is the question frequently asked by many people about Muvizu 3D, a free animation package which you can download.

Well, watch this short video clip to find out.

It is a series of video clips joined together from various videos made by real Muvizu 3D users.

The general idea: if you have a story to tell, you are likely able to do it with the free Muvizu 3D animation sofware.

So start filmmaking now!

Muvizu 3D Download Free

Download Muvizu 3D 2011 free for Windows 7. The public beta of Muvizu 3D is recently released as freeware by Digimania, part of the DA Group which is located in Glasgow, Scotland. Muvizu is a cool new animation application that allows users with any skill set make 3D animations without any experience needed.

This Windows software has user-friendly and powerful features that permits users to create 3D animations easily and quickly.

The free software is not open source. However, it includes pre-fabricated characters that can move, walk and run within pre-defined virtual sets using various commands. The application enables lip sync (i.e. speaking characters) by importing the audio of dialogue in any of the supported languages.

With simple basic commands, a user is able to animate Muvizu 3D characters to create short movies, sketches, product demonstrations and much more.

The software program has a direct upload tool feature that helps a user upload and share her 3D animated creation on the Youtube video sharing website.

Download Muvizu 3D for free for Windows 7 so that you too can create awesome high quality animations with your talent and a few mouse clicks and commands.

Muvizu download for Mac is currently not available. However, you could use the Parallels software to run Muvizu within the Mac OS desktop environment.

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